Coda File System

RE: codasrv dissapears.

From: Timothy Kersten <>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 20:57:00 +1000

1Gb swap and 256 physical, 315MB RVM. Even if it was low on memory,
shouldn't codasrv still exist when I issue a ps -aux? Thanks.

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From: Jan Harkes [] 
Sent: Tuesday, 24 September 2002 2:34 AM
To: Timothy Kersten
Subject: Re: codasrv dissapears.

On Mon, Sep 23, 2002 at 07:08:50PM +1000, Timothy Kersten wrote:
> Everything is present when i do a ps -aux EXCEPT 'codasrv', it does 
> actually appear for a short while and the disk does it's coda version 
> of an 'fsck', after the disk stops cherning the process just 
> dissapears and as a result, i can't get it to run as a server. The 
> following is the entire contents of '/vice/srv/SrvLog':
> 18:40:01 New SrvLog started at Mon Sep 23 18:40:01 2002
> 18:40:01 Resource limit on data size are set to 2147483647
> 18:40:01 Server etext 0x80bfdba, edata 0x80ec210
> 18:40:01 RvmType is Rvm
> 18:40:01 Main process doing a LWP_Init()
> 18:40:01 Main thread just did a RVM_SET_THREAD_DATA
> 18:40:01 Setting Rvm Truncate threshhold to 5.
> Any ideas? Thanks.

How much memory (physical + swap) do you have? And how large an RVM data
segment is the server trying to load into this memory.

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