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problem with coda on windows 2000

From: Trevor R.H. Clarke <>
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 01:16:29 -0400
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I installed the coda server on a mac osx (jaguar) machine and the client
on a windows 2000 machine. I create the root volume and I can work with
files on that just fine. I create a new volume and mount it with cfs.
The mount shows up as (example) n:\web in windows explorer but is a
hanging shortcut. In cygwin bash it shows up as web.lnk and I can't use
/coda/web or /coda/web.lnk as a path for anything (can't cd, get info
with cfs, or even remove the mount with cfs). After trying to get info
and remove the mount, I can't use coda anymore. I do a net stop venus
and it says it stops then net stop coda and it says that stops. I
restart the coda service (net start coda) and I get:

System error 2 has occurred.

The system cannot find the file specified.

Restarting venus gives "CreateFile failed. Is the coda service started?"
in venus.log

I need to reinstall the client to get it to work again. Any idea why I
can't work with volumes?

Also, is anybody working on kernel drivers for darwin? I'd like to be
able to mount /coda on the osx server.
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