Coda File System

Group ID's and Apache

From: Kees Hoekzema <>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 20:36:40 +0200
Hey all,

A year ago I started looking to Coda (and other DFS like AFS, Intermezzo and
FS like NFS) to do the file serving for my webservercluster.
I couldn't get Coda configured at that time, so i looked at the other
DFS'ses and, because a lack of features, and an already good running NFS, I
choose to run NFS. Now, a year later, NFS has become to overloaded, so I
went to look at the current Coda, and it worked almost immediately :).

But.. I do have a couple of configuration issues that I couldn’t figure out
with the docs and the mailinglistarchive.

1. How do I change the default group-id? I tried to set the System:AnyUser
groupId to –65441 (iow, group 95) but then my coda wouldn’t start.

2. I do want a filesystem like:
  + web/
    - site1/
    - site2/
    - siteN/
  + home/
    - user1/
    - user2/
    - userN/
Will coda store different userId's (eg, in /coda/home/kees/ there will be
files from user "kees" and in /coda/home/jan/ there will be files from user
"jan", do i need to create seperate volumes or will one just do? still,
apache must be able to read/write in those dirs)

3. Is it possible for apache to acquire tokens without anyone logged in?
(Will a shellscript “echo pass | clog –pipe apache; apachectl start” do the
trick? Apache needs to read AND write/insert to the filesystem (image upload
system etc)).

4. A more general question; How stable is Coda, considering there are 60k
files and a total of 1GB data, is it stable enough to use in a production

I hope you can clear some things up for me,

Kees Hoekzema
Received on 2002-09-03 14:36:14