Coda File System

Connection problems

From: Shdwdrgn <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 22:00:01 -0600
I have set up a coda server/client on a Sorcerer box using the current
sources, and a coda client on a RH7.0 box using current RPM's.  I've created
a user account for the RH client, and have logged in via clog with both the
user account and the administrator account.

I am seeing an issue when hitting the TAB key to auto-complete a directory
name.  I get the error "coda_venus_readdir: cannot read directory -22."
This does not occur when accessing the coda filesystem from the server box,
just from client-only boxes.

I have also seen this error come up when I cd into the coda directory, then
walk away from the computer for some time.  When I come back and ls the
current directory, I get this error (but no directory listing), as if my
connection has timed out.  If I then cd out of the coda directory, and cd
back into it, I can view the directory again.

If any further information is needed, I'll be glad to provide it.  I'm
hoping this is an easy problem that someone has seen before, but any
suggestions would be appriciated.
Received on 2002-07-11 00:01:42