Coda File System


From: Katsutoshi Shagawa <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 16:57:54 +0900
I am a graduate student of Nagasaki University in Japan.

I made 'codaap', a GUI interaface to coda as a GNOME1.4 applet.
If you have a coda token, this applet displays the remaining time to expiration.
If you click the applet, a dialog window for getting/discarding the token 
will open.
You can get login/logout to coda with a GUI base.

Please try and enjoy it.
If you have any comment, question, bug report, or patch, please send to me.

Best regards.
Katsutoshi Shagawa 
Received on 2002-06-20 04:01:02