Coda File System

Problems with coda 5.3.19 from CVS (tag c5_3_19)

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: 25 May 2002 16:09:45 +0900
I was getting rvm_malloc asserts (this is weird because I've already
got a 90M DATA file, and only 900MB in /coda -- comments?)

I used norton-reinit to dump my server RVM (in files on ext2), and
reinitialized the LOG at the same size (2M) and extended the DATA from
90M to 130M using vice-setup-rvm.  Then I reloaded, all successfully,
using coda 5.3.18 utilities.

I tried to update to current CVS.  The build failed and I was kinda in
a hurry, so I'll try again and report on that later.

Next, I cvs update -r c5_3_19, and this successfully built (Debian 3.0,
glibc 2.2.5, Linux tleepslib 2.2.18 #1 SMP Tue Dec 26 11:36:10 JST
2000 i686 unknown).  gcc 2.95.4.

The dpkg installs succeeded (except that I had to use force-overwrite
because of the codaconfedit conflict between server and client pkgs).

Everything seems to be working except that now when I start the client
I get

tleepslib:/home/steve/Projects/Coda# cat /var/log/coda/venus.err
Coda Venus, version 5.3.19

Date: Sat 05/25/2002

15:51:40 /mnt/old.vicepa/venus/LOG size is 2611887 bytes
15:51:40 /mnt/old.vicepa/venus/DATA size is 10447548 bytes
15:51:40 Initializing RVM data...
15:51:40 ...done
15:51:40 Loading RVM data
[15:51:40]Main Process: "rpc2b.c", line 120:    RPC2_Init(): Couldn't create socket
15:51:40 fatal error -- CommInit: RPC2_Init failed
15:51:40 Fatal Signal (11); pid 9204 becoming a zombie...
15:51:40 You may use gdb to attach to 9204

I tried backing up the installation to 5.3.18, first the client only,
then all of the packages, and got the same error.

Unfortunately I don't have the old .debs for rvm, lwp, and rpc2 (I
build in about February), but those apparently haven't changed since

Any suggestions?

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