Coda File System

kernel oops

From: Florian Schaefer <>
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 11:16:33 +0200

today I compiled a new kernel for my new RH7.3 system and suddenly I get
some oops when accessing coda.

This is what happens:
I can list the content of my coda dirs without problems, I can use the
file-command and I can copy those files to my harddisk (sometimes), but I
cannot access them "directly" (like using gv on a .ps file).

Those are my versions:
coda-debug-client-5.3.19-1 as rpm
lwp, rpc2, rvm from yesterdays (2002/05/18) cvs
kernel 2.4.19-pre8
gcc-3.1-1 as rpm

The ksymoops output is attached for better readability.


PS: How do I compile a coda-client from cvs source? The coda module seems
to be for a server, isn't it?

Received on 2002-05-19 05:18:20