Coda File System

Venus dies when trying to access newly mounted volume

From: CS/MATH stud. <>
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 20:35:20 -0500
Hello everyone: 

I just setup a test Coda server with the debian packages available
(which made it alot easier, from what I can tell from the docs) and
have a small problem.  I have created two volumes testone and testtwo 
with createvol_rep.  I can mount these two volumes into the coda tree
with cfs just fine (or at least it looks fine). However, when I try to 
ls -l the /coda directory, or cd to one of the new mounts, venus dies!

What I get in the venus.err logs: 
20:43:36 Venus starting...
20:43:36 /coda now mounted.

20:51:55 reinstalling volume 2130706434 (testone)
RVMLIB_ASSERT: _rvm_data->tid is non zero during begin transaction
Assertion failed: 0, file "rvmlib.c", line 76

This seems to be referring to RVM in some way.. 
I am under the impression that I don't need to setup RVM on the client
side (or that the debian package has done it for me) -- is this false? 

Nothing strange seems to be happening on the server, and it's running
well, AFAICT.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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