Coda File System

codasrv not starting

From: Nic Ferrier <>
Date: 02 May 2002 19:30:47 +0100
I've just configured, built and setup coda on a debian system.

There were a few little build flaws (the init scripts don't get
installed and need tweaking) but it seemed to go ok.

However, although I can get auth2, rpc2portmap and updatesrv and
updateclnt to run I can't get the codasrv itself started.

When I do this:


it waits for about a second and then quits. There is no message, even
if I set the debug level to 100!

Does anyone have any tips? Coda seems really cool and I'd like to
have a play around to see whether it's up to an interesting little job
I have planned.

Received on 2002-05-02 14:33:16