Coda File System

installation prob

From: prithviraj chauhan <>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 22:06:14 -0700 (PDT)
i was installing coda in my lab yesterday
it gave me foll probs
 on my scm m/c ,i could successfully run 2 outof four 
vice-setup scripts viz 'vice-setup-scm'  and 
but at the beginning of third script ie
'vice-steup-rvm	'
the message displayed was somethig like 
	'/usr/sbin/rvmutil    not found'
rvmutil ?? what is this ?
is it ;because i was using different versions of each
rpm package?
i was trying foll versions
lwp : 1.8-1
rvm : 1.6-1
rpc2 : 1.13-1
coda-debug-seerver : 5.3.19
is it required that perticular set of versions 
shud be used for compatibility?

on my coda client i could not install lwp package !!
the message it was giving was something regarding
just like
error db3: db3->sync .... & some message
when i tried to install the development package for
db3 for redhat
installation cd, that also could not get install
displaying the message
segmentation fault,core dumped

plz try to solve this prob

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Received on 2002-04-13 01:07:31