Coda File System

Yet another reintegration problem

From: bruno <>
Date: 12 Apr 2002 18:14:45 +0200
Hi all,

I saw great perspectives in using Coda as the data filesystem for the
Linux cluster I'm designing. So I wanted first to have my hands on the
differents mechanisms of Coda, especially how conflicts are resolved.

Here is my scenario:
In a mounted volume (ie /coda/test), a file will be modified by a
disconnected client but also modified on the server. That gives
something like (client-A and client-B are initially connected):

client-A: cfs wd ; cfs disconnect
client-A: modify /coda/test/foo
client-B: modify /coda/test/foo
client-A: cfs reconnect ; cfs wr

First thing that's look suspicious after write reconnect in the

ClientModifyLog::COP1: (test), 1036 bytes, returns 198, index = 0

The error code 198 (unknown on Linux) is then propagated as the result
of reintegration.

As expected, /coda/test is now a dangling link:

lr--r--r  root   test -> @7f000001.ffffffff.00080000

but trying repair just don't work:

repair > beginrepair
Pathname of object in conflict? []: /coda/test
No such replica vid=0xffffffff
Could not allocate replica list
beginrepair failed.

I must say, I'm stuck :(
Any ideas ?

Received on 2002-04-12 12:18:18