Coda File System

speculative questions

From: Clark C . Evans <>
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 18:31:50 -0500
Hello.  I've lightly read the documentation, and have a 
few questions (assume all servers are FreeBSD):

  - Can coda do single server hard-disk replication (mirroring)?
    Assume one server S, with three disks A, B, C and N 
    volumes.  Let disk A be used for the operating system,
    configuration, and other items.  Let disk B and C be 
    the same size and used for data storage.  
    Question:  Can I replicate the N volumes across both
    disk A and B so that if a disk goes down I'm still OK?
    What if I use two server processes?
    If Coda doesn't do single server replication (previous
    quesiton) will it work with Vinum for RAID/MIRRORING?
    If I use Coda+Vinum will performance really suffer?

  - Can I distribute the volumes in a non-symmetric manner?
    Assume three servers A, B, C and three volumes X,Y,Z.
    Is a topolgy like the following allowed: 
       A holds X, Y
       B holds Y
       C holds Z, X

  - Does coda allow for SSL tunneling between the clients and
    the servers (and between the servers)?  Does this have to
    be external to Coda or is/can it be incorporated easily?

  - How is performance?  Would a ton of little files or a few
    big files really slow things down?  Can Coda support 
    tens-of-thousands of volumes, each about 10M-50M?

  - Can volumes be dynamically resized and given size restrictions?
    Can volumes be added/deleted/moved between servers easily?

Sorry to be so stupid... these seemed like questions that would be
nice to have answered but didn't jump out at me, so I apologise in
advance for missing them.


Received on 2002-03-31 18:30:19