Coda File System

Codaclient A7 Win XP: Problems with large files?

From: Lothar May <>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 21:19:20 +0100

I installed a coda server on Rock-Linux. Everything works fine
(thank you for the setup-scripts, setup is very comfortable!).

Server: coda-log-size: 12MB, coda-data-size: 90MB

What I would like to do is synchronize some data located on my
notebook (Win XP Home Edition) and on the server. I need Windows
for gaming so I don't want to install Linux on the notebook.

I tried the coda client A7 for Windows NT/2000/XP. Here's my report:

0. I installed cygwin in E:\cygwin (basic installation and perl).

1. I installed coda in E:\cygwin\home\coda.

2. The automatic decompression of the usr.local.tgz-file at the end of
the installation did not work. I had to do it by hand. After that I
re-ran the setup program and it completed successfully.

3. I set the cache size to 20000kb, drive h:.

4. I rebooted and started coda and venus.

5. I logged in using clog.

6. I logged out and logged back (XP) and saw the drive letter.

7. I "drag-and-dropped" a directory on h: (size: 125 MB),
which contained a file with a size of 60 MB. It took some time but it
seemed to have worked.

8. I tried to copy the directory back to the local hard disk. When
trying to copy the file with the size of 60 MB, Windows said something
like "Access fault while accessing memory area" and stopped the operation.
I also couldn't delete the directory on the coda drive.

9. I deleted the directory using the Linux client.

10. I flushed the cache on the Windows client. I started an explorer
to have a look at h:, and for some reason the coda client tried to send
udp-packets to port 0 of the server, which were filtered by a
firewall. After that Windows crashed badly.

Did I do something wrong? Or might the NT/2000/XP client have problems
with large files?

The same thing happened after I configured the cache size to 200000kb.

One other thing I noticed was that I can't see anything on the coda
drive after I flushed the cache, even when I'm connected and there
are files on the server. I get a strange error message like "got an eof

Please ask if you need more information, I'd really like to help if I

Best Regards,
Received on 2002-03-28 15:20:12