Coda File System

venus refuses to serve

From: Florian Schaefer <>
Date: 12 Mar 2002 09:17:01 CET

after many weeks of flawless work, I got a problem with venus:

This morning I upgraded to the new Mozilla 0.9.9 and the only thing
mozilla has on my coda filesystem is its bookmark file. After the upgrade
venus (5.3.17-1) doesn't work any more.

Here is what I could gather:

The console and venus.log are attached (for better readability).

/coda is not mounted.

According to those logs venus seems to have problems with the
"bookmarks.html" file, which is still in my spool:

florian_at_dexter:/usr/coda/spool/500 # ls -l
insgesamt 72
   58 Mär 11 21:55 florian@???.cml
   68 Mär 11 21:11 florian@_coda_florian.cml
   68 Mär 11 20:54 florian@_coda_florian.cml.old
18432 Mär 11 21:11 florian@_coda_florian.tar
18432 Mär 11 20:54 florian@_coda_florian.tar.old
18432 Mär 11 21:55 florian@???.tar

A purgeml doesn't seem to work:

florian_at_dexter:~ # cfs purgeml /coda/florian
	DANGER:   will destroy all changes made while disconnected
	Do you really want to do this? [n] y
	Fools rush in where angels fear to tread ........

Because my spool directory hasn't changed a bit after this.

As always: Help is very welcome. ;-)


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