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Re: Webserver updated

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: 08 Mar 2002 13:37:49 +0900
>>>>> "Brett" == Brett Lymn <> writes:

    Brett> [Wikis are p]opular but the small sampling I have done of
    Brett> them has shown all the ones I looked at to be 100% useless.

The emacs wiki is pretty good, but it started by importing a lot of
already available stuff.  I don't know how much of that wiki is "new
growth".  The Mailman FAQ "wiki" (it isn't really a wiki in the sense
that it's mildly obscure how to contribute, which seems to contribute
to a "we are the wiki" esprit de corps, see below) started from
scratch and is working really well.

In both cases, the core wiki admins specifically allocate time to
updating the FAQs.  You need to have a couple of people, preferably
five or six, who consider care and feeding of the wiki FAQ their
personal responsibility.

It's a pretty good way for newbies, wannabes, and people who feel they
they want to give _something_ but are really pressed for time, to
contribute, but they need some "veterans" around to help them get

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