Coda File System

Webserver updated

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 18:13:00 -0500
Hi all,

I just switched the web/ftp/mail over to a new machine. It was supposed
to be a 'clean switch', but the network wasn't cooperating so both the
old and the new machine were unreachable for a while. This had some
ripple effects on the various services.

In any case, the old machine was limping along with a broken CPU fan,
and a memory and disk shortage. The new machine at least has a working
CPU fan (actually 2 of them). Some of the improvements that came along,
- newer kernel/applications
- new mailinglist archiver
- improved the web-search, it is now possible to search the research
  documents, or limit the search to only mailinglists.

The bug and faq cgi's are still running off the old machine, I'm not
sure whether I really want to keep them around. First of all both
contain mostly outdated bugreports. Perhaps starting a new ticketing
system from scratch and then importing a couple of the old bugs that
still seem appropriate.

As far as the FAQ is concerned, the most common FAQ (why is the faq so
outdated) is not in the FAQ, perhaps anyone has ideas for an alternative
solution. At the moment I'm thinking of simply gathering the 'large
emails' from my outbox, censor/reformat them and dump them into a
directory. I already made a small start, see
Maybe a wiki? Those seem to be popular nowadays :)

Received on 2002-03-07 18:16:07