Coda File System

creating rep_volumes without success

From: Mohamed Alwakeel <>
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 15:59:14 -0000
 I have Linux redhat 7.2 running with a statically compiled 2.4.17 kernel
for coda.
I compiled 5.3.17 version of coda o.k. with no problems as server on 1 box
and as client with another box.
I did vice-setup script and venus-setup script o.k.
But root or any addional volumes dont replicate accross server to client
and vica versa, there are no errors on the logs and all seems to be o.k.
After days of learning how coda works I realised the setup scripts were not
creating all the volume files, after doing an ls in /vice/vol this is all
that was there :-
 BigVolumeList  remote

Now this is strange no errors on setup scripts but vol directory was
Now I tried doing on scm
 createvol_rep u.server E0000103 /vicepa

while vice server running but that generated strange error messaga:-
/usr/local/sbin/createvol_rep: ELF: command not found
V_BindToServer: binding to host mezzo1
VolDumpVRDB failed with Unknown RPC2 return code 200
Failed to dump the current VRDB into /vice/db/

where mezzo1 is SCM. Why is is giving this error, and I got the same thing
when I used 5.3.18 version of coda as well ?
Also I tried adding new volume no in VSGDB and trying above again and it
failed again, even if I use an existing volume no it also fails with same

Buy the way I had hostname DNS problems when I first started up vice so put
alias to mezzo1 as mezzo1.domain.con in hosts file on client and server
machines and that worked o.k. on client and server box.

By the way there is some bugs in the src linux rpms, when I try to a rpm
rebuild it all seems to be o.k. but fails becuase path to init scripts is
wrong and it cant find them so fails the rpm recompile/build, again this is
with version 5.3.18 and 5.3.17, I have not tried any other versions. 

Last question with the clog command is there anyway to get the tokens to
stay longer than the default which I think is 2 days ? or is there a way
just to avoid this and have it configured so you dont have to keep on
logging into client box every so often to keep on authenticating to server

I have lost a lot of time trying to get coda to work still without success,
any help will be greatly appreciated.


Mohamed Alwakeel
Received on 2002-03-05 11:00:11