Coda File System

vice-setup-rvm (coda-5.3.17)

From: Rene Rebe <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 22:49:45 +0100 (CET)
Hi all.

I just started to test CODA for Laptop syncronization using the
disconnected functionallity.

But I just get into problem in the beginning, setting the server
up. (Test system only - no production systems involved ;-).

As read in the "CODA manual" I executed vice-setup and answered the
questions. But during initializing the RVM log/data the script gave me
an erro: -f: command not found

So I took a look into the source:
    echo "Rdsinit will initialize data and log."
    echo "This takes a while."
     -f $log $data $parms

Ok. The error is obvious. In the original archive you have this:
@RDSINIT@ -f $log $data $parms

In the compile logs I have:

checking for rdsinit... no
checking for rvmutl... no
checking location of liblwp... /opt/coda
checking location of librvm... default
checking location of librpc2... default

This was because /opt/coda was not yet in the path - so rdsinit and
rvmutl got not found. I now recompile coda - but maybe you should exit
with an nice error message in the configure when you do not find
rdsinit or rvmutl?

More reports and questions when I proceed futher ;-) ...

Is CODA somewhere in use for everyday disconnection and reintegration?

  René Rebe

René Rebe (Registered Linux user: #248718 <>)



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