Coda File System

Re: What happens if the SCM dies?

From: David J. M. Karlsen <>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 00:35:27 +0100
Jan Harkes wrote:

>>Jan Harkes wrote:<br>
>Could you fix you mailer, I am not a webbrowser.
Sorry about that - mozilla under win flipped :=O)

>Only if you specified multiple server as 'rootservers' or 'authservers'
>in /etc/coda/venus.conf. Venus and clog should just iterate through the
>list until they hit a server that is running an auth2 daemon.
I should probably double up (at a minimum) all the servers - as this is 
possible (?).

>>it referres to a venus-setup script that does not exist.<br>
>It exists in the RedHat package and on the BSD's, for Debian I've moved
>all the functionality into debconf, so you can use 'dpkg-reconfigure
>coda-client' to do the same thing. I probably should add a silly
ah nice - (and silly me that didn't try that first).

>>it tells me to run createvol_rep after running vice-setup.<br>
>>Is this wrong? Beacuse when I first went into /coda/&lt;myvol&gt; the 
>Ehhh, my guess is that venus failed to start up and you created 'myvol'
>on the local disk because /coda wasn't mounted.
so venus has to run prior to calling these "serverside" tools? that may 
explain it yes.

I also encounter some problems when removing and reinstalling the 
packages. As the file /usr/sbin/codaconfedit claims to belong in both 
the coda-server and coda-client package.

>>existed. I ran createvol_rep - and now it's not there anymore... Doesn't
>>the vice-setup do the createvol_rep as well?<br>
>No, it takes some time to start the server and createvol_rep will fail
>as long as it isn't up and running. So you have to wait for 'File Server
>started' to show up in /vice/srv/SrvLog, which makes it pretty hard to
>write a reliable script that can do the same thing.
The fileserver was up - venus may not have been.
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