Coda File System

New Coda Visualization Tool (CodaVis) Release

From: Niraj Tolia <>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 05:28:30 -0500 (EST)
The next release of CodaVis (ver 0.2) is out. CodaVis is a graphical
utility for Coda to show at-a-glance availability information like
hoard/fetch progress, volume availability, number of pending CML
entries, etc.

This release has a number of bug fixes and improvements. CodaVis
should also run without any problems on a BSD system. Please read the
CHANGELOG at the end of this email for more details about the
changes. The source tarball is available at .

As this utility was developed for a class, we would be very grateful
if you could fill out the short survey below and send it to me at This will help us in evaluating our work and plan
for other projects that can benefit the community.


Disclaimer::  In releasing CodaVis we are attempted to make a graphical
display tool for the entire Coda community.  Thus, we would like to add
features which would help a large the user experience in general.
Add-ons for specific cases/uses should be weighted against their
applicability in the general case.

1)  How was your experience using CodaVis?  Did you have any
difficulties with the meaning icons or progress bars?

2)  How do you find the current configurablity?

3)  Are there any aspects you would like to see better documented?

4)  Has or will CodaVis change your usage patterns of Coda: have you
been using Coda more aggressively being better aware of the file system

5)  With respect to future work that can be done, what other utilities
or tools for Coda would you like to have? These do not need to be
related to CodaVis.

6)  Any other suggestions or comments you might have.




* Use autoconf to manage compilation and added a make install feature
* CodaVis now compiles and runs on the BSD platform
* Fixed a bug with keeping GUI icons in sync with the VolumeStatus list
* Increased robustness during init process
* Added an option in the config file to set the frequency of Volume Status
* Allow the window to be resized to reduce footprint
* Compiled pixmaps (xpms) in so that we can relocate the codavis
* Cleaned up code and documented it better

* Initial Release
Received on 2001-12-11 05:28:47