Coda File System

Re: coda funding

From: Jeremy Malcolm <>
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 09:15:52 +0800
Ivan Popov wrote:
> It would be very interesting to get an estimation of the resources
> (person*month) needed for making Coda usable "in the wild":
> 1. Make it robust (may be we are already there? :)
> 2. Relax server file number limitation to say 500Gb of 10k-files
>    (even if by a cute configuration utility creating 10 servers at once?)
> 3. Create a working client solution (client, gateway, samba setup,
>    anything) for Win2k & similar
> 4. Introduce real encryption and make both the server and clients
>    basically resistant against spoofing, buffer overflows and other
>    evident types of attack
> 5. Support (and may be -hint-hint- standardize) multiple mount points
>    like afs and dfs do, even if it would rely on dns-names only

6. Easier, one-step setup.  Most of the mistakes that people seem to
   make and most of the problems they encounter seem to be because they
   made a mistake (some mistakes quite reasonable) in setting it up.
7. GUI (eg. GTK) interface to resolve reintegration conflicts, a la
   Win2K.  "The file X was changed on your computer (date Y, size Z) 
   and on the server (date A, size B) while you were offline.  Choose an
   option: [ ] overwrite server [ ] overwrite client [ ] keep both".
8. Fix the problem with two replicated servers that I and at least a
   couple of other people are having (gory details in the archives).

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