Coda File System

"SpoolVMLogRecord - no space left in volume"

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 19:39:52 +0100 (MET)

There has been a discussion on the list of the issue with Subj.
Jan wrote in June 2001:

------ begin citation ----------
Correct, the server ran out of resolution log entries. These are still
used by singly replicated volumes. But they are not thrown out when the
COP2 message is missing (second phase of the 2-phase commit), and there
is never a reason for resolution, so they tend to hang around forever.
------- end citation -----------

Should I take it so that there is no solution for the problem?
It look like I have the same one.

The message in the server log sounds as the Subject, and I can't create
new files or dirs on just one of the volumes (no space left on device).

I have exactly one server with a few volumes. The volume most populated
with files refuses to contain more than it has for the moment (thousands,
is there a good way to figure out the exact number, without running find?
I assume that there is a way but haven't ever done it).


Server and client - 5.3.15, server P100, client P166 on 10Mbit Ethernet.
Linux kernel 2.4.9, coda module 5.3.14.
The volume in question contains about 400Mb. The whole server has place
for about 3Gb, over 2Gb still free.

I would appreciate some help to solve the problem (or just dump/recreate a
volume? will it help?)

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