Coda File System

Re: repair tool trouble

From: Ryan M. Lefever <>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 02:46:43 -0600 (CST)
On Thu, 1 Nov 2001, Jan Harkes wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 01, 2001 at 03:13:03AM -0600, Ryan M. Lefever wrote:
> > Then on machine A, this makes /coda/testvol a symbolic link, indicating a
> > conflict.  So, I perform the following:
> > 
> > >$ repair
> > >repair > beginrepair /coda/testvol
> > >No such replica vid=0xffffffff
> > >Could not allocate replica list
> > >beginrepair failed.
> > >repair > quit
> > 
> > Then, /coda/testvol now exists as a directory, and there is now a
> > /coda/testvol/global symbolic link and directories named
> > /coda/testvol/local & /coda/testvol/dir.  So, I try repair again:
> What kernel are you using, /coda/testvol/dir shouldn't exist anymore and
> is probably the reason the repair is failing. It simply can't figure out
> which object that is (as it 'temporarily' doesn't exist anymore).

I am using RedHat 6.2 (linux 2.2.14-5.0 kernel) and coda 5.3.13 and coda
fs kernel module 5.2.3.  I have compiled and installed all of them from
source.  Can you please elaborate more on why repair is failing and how I
might want to go about getting it to work properly?

> In any case, after a repair failure like this, doing 'cfs endrepair
> /coda/testvol' (or 'cfs er' for short) should collapse the conflict
> back into a symlink.

I figured the "cfs endrepair" part out, but it still leaves me with an
unresolved conflict.

> > Also, where can I find out exactly what kinds of operations result in
> > automatically resolvable conflicts and which do not?
> Any discrepancy between the servers is a 'conflict', all replicas are
> keeping a log of past directory operations we can successfully resolve
> any conflicts where we can successfully merge these logs into one.

What is the difference between resolution and reintegration?  Does
resolution ever automatically resolve "conflicts" as you've defined them
above?  If clients in separate network partitions access the same file
system object, under what conditions is it automatically resolvable?  For
instance is it only resolvable if they are both reads?  Is their a table
somewhere that specifies what combinations of file and/or directory
creations, deletes, reads, writes, and other inode access in different
network partitions are automatically resolvable?  I would like to figure
out how to set up scenarios that are automatically resolvable and how to
manually repair ones that are not.  I really appreciate the help!

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