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Re: repair tool trouble

From: Xuefeng <>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 18:04:02 +0800

I have been playing Coda for quite some time. I have just tried to reproduce
the problem you have submitted. But I did not see any big problem with my
Coda 5.3.13(what is ur version?). What I did was as follows: after
reproducing the conflicts you have come across, I did not make use of the
"repair" utility. I just re-initialize the venus on the machine having the
conflict and Coda helps me to resolve the conflict automatically, if not
magically. ;-) I believe Coda can resolve some conflicts by itself according
to the time stamps of files and directories. It is prone to conflicts if the
system time of machines running Coda are not synchronized.

You can probably try my method and see if it works. It is very much
appreciated if someone can tell me specifically what are the situations that
will cause file/dir conflicts in Coda. And what the conflicts that can be
resolved by Coda automatically, i.e. without using "repair"?



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From: "Ryan M. Lefever" <>
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2001 5:13 PM
Subject: repair tool trouble

> I am having some problems using the repair tool.  I have 3 machines, each
> with a server and a client.  I have a replicated volume coda.testvol
> mounted at /coda/testvol.  I am trying to isolate 1 client and perform
> operations on the client that will conflict with the rest of the system
> when the client is brought back into the network.  Here is a summary of
> what I'm doing:
> On machine A:
> >filcon isolate -c A
> >mkdir /coda/testvol/dir
> >
> On machine B:
> >mkdir /coda/testvol/dir
> >
> On machine A:
> >filcon clear -c A
> >cfs checkservers
> Then on machine A, this makes /coda/testvol a symbolic link, indicating a
> conflict.  So, I perform the following:
> >$ repair
> >repair > beginrepair /coda/testvol
> >No such replica vid=0xffffffff
> >Could not allocate replica list
> >beginrepair failed.
> >repair > quit
> Then, /coda/testvol now exists as a directory, and there is now a
> /coda/testvol/global symbolic link and directories named
> /coda/testvol/local & /coda/testvol/dir.  So, I try repair again:
> >$ repair
> >repair > beginrepair /coda/testvol
> >Could not allocate new repvol: Not leftmost conflict: Object not in
> conflict
> >beginrepair failed.
> >repair > beginrepair /coda/testvol/global
> >Could not allocate replica list
> >beginrepair failed.
> At this point I do not know what to do, and I am forced to reinitialize
> venus on machine A and purge coda.testvol.  As a side question, why is the
> creation of directory dir in 2 different network partitions a conflict
> that must be manually repaired?  Why isn't it automatically resolved?
> Also, where can I find out exactly what kinds of operations result in
> automatically resolvable conflicts and which do not?
> Thanks,
> Ryan

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