Coda File System


From: Michael J. Lanham <>
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 14:47:50 -0400

google sucks at finding helpful entries about coda...either that or I suck at 
phrasing my query right :-)

is there an archive of this list somewhere? searchable?

I am in the midst of following the add users' section of the manual and cannot 
seem to set passwds...

[root_at_server db]# au -h scm nu
Your Vice name: coda
Your password: 
RPC2_Bind() --> RPC2_NOBINDING (F)
[root_at_server db]# 
coda is the userid (uid = 503) that I created on my local machine and in /etc/passwd who is the administrator of coda.  pdbtool shows coda as a user.  
but when I type the passwd that exists in /etc/passwd, I get no joy from how do I set the passwd for the coda admin since I never have set it in the first place?  cpasswd doesn't help since I do not know what password set for user coda in the first place....

stupid questions need a place to live so I won't have to bother folks with them...where is an archive of this list? :-)

Mike Lanham

Michael Lanham
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