Coda File System

coda with very large servers

From: Zachary Denison <>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 22:02:19 -0700 (PDT)

I have a question of coda feasibility for an
application I have in mind.

I would like to implement coda for the following
scenario.  I have 3 identical servers, each of which
has a very very large hardware-raided set of disks, so
it appears to linux (redhat) as a large 700 GB hard
drive, where I store users mail directories.  What I
would like to do is setup these three machines as CODA
servers with replication, so each one is an exact
mirror of the other 2.  Is this what happens under
replication?  I hope so, because this is what I want. 
Anyway I want to store these in geographically
disparate locations.  At each location I want to have
CODA clients, which run the mail delivery software.

Anyway my question is that, is it possible to have
coda with such large servers, because, as I am reading
the administration manual, it seems to imply that the
maximum size of the RVM log partition is 130 Megs,
good up to 3.3 Gigs, thereby kind of implying the
largest coda server data size can be only 3.3 gigs.
Extrapolating this value, it seems I would need an
18gig partition to hold the log file, which is not a
problem spacewise, but will I take a performance hit,
and will coda let me have such a large rvm log

Does anyone have any suggestion what I can do?  I
would really rather prefer to keep the large volume,
if possible.

Thank you very much

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Received on 2001-10-11 01:02:24