Coda File System

Permission strategie for root:wheel

From: Matthias Teege <>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 19:09:47 +0200

I'm using coda on my FreeBSD network and want to put the sources
(/usr/src) and the ports (/usr/ports) on the coda filesystem. In the
original installation both directories are owned by root and group wheel.

What is the best permissions an user strategie for coda? I wan't
(and can't) create an coda user "root" with uid 0. Should I create
an "offiziell" admin with another uid that ownes the sources or
can I change the permissions on the client side?

The main problem is that root must have read an write permissions on
/usr/src and /usr/ports particulary if root install new programms.

Many thanks

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