Coda File System

Re: Logs of coda crash

From: Jeremy Malcolm <>
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 14:18:49 +0800
OK thanks Jan, I think *maybe* we are making some progress now, so I'm
reporting back to the list although it's still not quite fixed.

What I changed from last time is that now I am editing the
/vice/db/servers and /vice/db/VSGDB files on the first server servalan
BEFORE creating setting up the second server zen.  Previously I was
setting them up AFTER setting up the zen server, because I thought
servalan would be worried if it had references to zen in its
configuration files even though zen wasn't ready.

So, now I can create (cfs mkmount volume mountpoint) the mountpoints
without things crashing horribly.  In fact I can create the mountpoints
on either servalan or zen and they will appear on the other server, and
I can create a file on zen underneath one of the mountpoints which will
appear in one of the files under /vicepa/0/0 on both servers.

That's the good news.  The bad news is that on servalan, the mountpoints
are corrupted and unusable, even across venus restarts.  They are broken
symlinks that look like this:

lrw-r--r--  1 terminus 65534   11 Sep 23 13:49 documents -> #documents
lrw-r--r--  1 terminus 65534   12 Sep 23 13:51 precedents -> #precedents
lrw-r--r--  1 terminus 65534   10 Sep 23 13:51 programs -> #programs
lrw-r--r--  1 terminus 65534   11 Sep 23 13:52 templates -> #template

I have found that they equate to files in /vicepa on servalan, the
contents of which look like "#documents." (with the . at the end).  Zen
has no such files.

The other problem is that on my laptop running venus when using either
zen or servalan as the server, I get timeout errors when trying to
access /coda and the log file says that the server is not contactable,
although I can ping it.  The laptop is behind a masqueraded firewall,
however I am using the version of coda (5.3.15) that is supposed to work
with masquerading.

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