Coda File System

Coda and load-balancing ?

From: Wim Godden <>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 14:52:10 +0200

I'm looking for a file system which will allow this setup :
- 8 Webservers, all coda clients. They don't need the same files (so
they access different files on the coda file system)
- 2 File servers, coda servers.
- The webservers should automatically load balance over the 2 file
servers. For example : take 1 file from server 1, 1 file from server 2,
- The webservers should still be able to access all files when 1 file
server goes down.
- The webservers should automatically start load-balancing again when
the file server comes back online.

I don't need disconnected operations, as one the file servers should
always be online (both of them going down is unlikely). So there
shouldn't be any synchronization conflicts at all.

The question is : is this setup possible with Coda ? And how can it be
done ?

Kind greetings,

Wim Godden
Received on 2001-09-17 08:54:03