Coda File System

cant cd to an mounted volume

From: Matthias Teege <>
Date: 15 Sep 2001 19:55:31 +0200

i've setup the latest coda server under FreeBSD 4.4. Now
I've build my first volume with createvol_rep (i search
for creatvol but it isnt installed with the port) and try
to mount this one.

cfs mkm /coda/mpoint volume works like a charme but a "cd
/coda/mpoint" gives me an "No such file or directory". I
try an ls and there is an link "mpoint -> #volume".

The root volume is succesfully mounted under /code before
and i can write to it. I presume that I didnt must unmount
it before!?

There is an similar problem described in 
but there is no answer.

I want to try the coda filesystem with pleasure but its a
hard job. ;-)

Many thanks

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Received on 2001-09-15 13:58:39