Coda File System

Re: New coda user's questions

From: Steffen Neumann <sneumann_at_TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
Date: 14 Sep 2001 10:23:06 +0200
Romain Chantereau <> writes:
> I tested it at home, and there are still some questions I cannot answer:
>                                         - Is Coda ready for LDAP based 
> authentification (Pure LDAP or via PAM)
Can't tell, never heard of it.

>                                         - If I hoarded several file on 
> my laptop in order to work at home, and once at home, my laptop shut 
> down, (no more batterie, or I shut it down), are my hoarded files lost ?
No, you're fine. Otherwise nobody'd be using it, err ?
Honestly. While disconnected/@home, your files are 
in the venus cache on your laptop disk until you synchronise them back
at work. A good caching algorithm 
tries to get all files you want into that cache. Accoding to Murphy's law 
it usually happens that the algorithm misses the one important file 
you need while sitting in your caravan in the middle of nowhere...
Hoarding wile connected is just means to make dead sure 
all files you tell it are really there.

>                                         - Can Venus automagically know 
> if it is still connected, still disconnected or when the computer is 
> plugged again on the network.
The magic is called timeout, and polling for servers.
Yes, we did the stress test: 

	cd /coda/src/linux ; make 

and pulled/inserted the plug randomly. It worked. Then we installed it.

>                                         - Where Venus put the hoarded 
> files ? I mean, can the size of the hoarded files be bigger than the 
> venuc cache size ?
Nope. As above, hoarding is basically overriding the aging mechanism 
of the caching algorithm. 

>                                         - Is the documentation partially 
> or totaly outdated ? (Just in case.. ;-) No back thinking )
Err, some of the documents are a little overlapping,
there is some old / ancient papers and presentations,
and this list is your best friend. 

If there was a documentation effort that started 
with a clean outline of the new documentation in a generic 
format like docbook or whatever, I'd be glad to help...

> Ok, I think this is all for the moment...
See you,
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