Coda File System

Re: "Connection timed out" and "mount system call failed"

From: Jeremy Malcolm <>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 22:58:59 +0800
> > coda_pioctl: Venus returns: -110 for (0x7f000002,0x1,0x1)
> -110 is ETIMEDOUT, so this is the same error as the one plagueing you
> when venus does start up. So the only real question is, why is your
> client timing out on sending RPC2's to the server.
> Is there a firewall that you are going through between the client and
> the server, or anything that masquerades/remaps portnumbers? What kind
> of network are you using, such as a heavily used ppp dialup link?

No, there is a client actually running *on* the server, so clearly it
should not be timing out.  It doesn't seem to be giving -110 errors, it
is giving:

  Coda Kernel/Venus communications (module), v5.3.8,
  coda_read_super: rootfid is (0x7f000000,0x1,0x1)
  Failure of coda_cnode_make for root: error -6

venus.log says:

  [ A(17) : 0000 : 22:52:54 ] adv_daemon::main()
  [ H(06) : 0000 : 22:52:54 ] HDBDaemon about to sleep on hdbdaemon_sync
  [ X(00) : 0000 : 22:52:54 ] CHILD: mount system call failed. Killing

It is a server problem not a venus problem.  I know this because I have
three different clients on three different computers that all do the
same thing when I try to connect to the server.  The same clients can
connect to the cmu test server fine.

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