Coda File System

Re: Server Crashed with f_icreate: bitmap free

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 08:06:02 -0400
On Mon, Aug 13, 2001 at 12:35:18PM +0200, Steffen Neumann wrote:
> After half a year of fine service,
> our coda server has it's first, probably serious,
> crash. It happened on Sunday, 
> crashed with "f_icreate: error 23 in creating inode 21500"
> and keeps crashing after restarting today.

Errorcode 23 is ENFILE, or "File table overflow". Strange, but maybe the
servers are not closing all filedescriptors they open. 

I guess the errormessage during startup is the one from the Subject of
the email and is something like "f_icreate: bitmap free at %d, inode %ld

The problem here is that the file was created despite the error, but not
marked as being used because the open returned with an error. So the
thing we have to do is to identify exactly which container file was
created. When we have that file we simply need to move/remove it so that
the new file can be created.

The inode number is 21500, or 0x53fc. now it depends on the width and
depth parameters as specified in vicetab where it is placed, but with
the default ones (width=64,depth=3), it should be /vicepa/5/f/3c.

So there should be an empty file "/vicepa/5/f/3c" that has to be

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