Coda File System

hoarding for disconnected mode: permission denied

From: Andre Holzner <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 11:32:25 +0200

I'm relatively new to coda, I find it a very nice thing !
However, I still have a small problem with disconnected

After logging in, obtaining a token and clearing the cache:
  $ cfs lc
  /coda: 7f000001
  * .
  ???: 1000001
  ???: ffffffff

I do:
  $ hoard clear
  $ hoard 'a /coda/holzner/qqnn 600:d+'
  $ hoard walk
  $ hoard list
  <7f000001, ./holzner/qqnn>, 0, 600:d+

What do these numbers actually mean ? (I couldn't find it 
in the documentation):
  7f000001 seems to be some volume id, but is the 0 an user id ?

  $ cfs disconnect
  $ cfs cs
  Contacting servers .....
  These servers still down:
  $ cfs lv /coda/holzner
  Status of volume 0x7f000001 (2130706433) named "coda-eth-cern"
  Volume type is Replicated
  Connection State is Disconnected
  Write-back is disabled
  There are 0 CML entries pending for reintegration

Now the problem is, if I do:

  $ cd /coda/holzner/qqnn/
  $ touch bar
  touch: creating `bar': Permission denied

i.e. I can't access my own files in disconnected mode.
I've set primaryuser in /etc/coda/venus.conf to my numeric (non-root)
user id.

  $ cfs lc -l |  head

  /coda: 7f000001
    d/ .  (0x7f000001.0x1.0x1)
    d  ./holzner  (0x7f000001.0x9.0x5)
    d  ./holzner/qqnn  (0x7f000001.0x23.0x12)
    d  ./holzner/qqnn/input-prod  (0x7f000001.0x4d.0x3a7)
    f  ./holzner/qqnn/.whatshere  (0x7f000001.0xbaa.0x616)
    f  ./holzner/qqnn/last.kumac  (0x7f000001.0xbae.0x618)
    f  ./holzner/qqnn/.whatshere~  (0x7f000001.0xbb2.0x61a)
    s  ./holzner/qqnn/presel-ntp-205-before-final-rerun 
    d  ./holzner/qqnn/presel  (0x7f000001.0x25.0x13)

On the other hand, if I do 

  du -sk /coda/holzner/qqnn/

instead of the hoarding, then I can create files.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong or how to track down the
origin of the problem ?

I use coda 5.3.15 built on with kernel 2.4.2.

best regards & thanks for the help,


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