Coda File System

R: R: R: coda + reiserfs

From: Andrea Cerrito <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 18:02:55 +0200
> I compare Coda more with squid than with NFS, and hope that at some
> point it will be normal to run with a 6GB venus.cache.

I don't understand: if I cannot make a server with > 9gb of data, how can I
have a 6gb cache?
I've set my cache to 20mb, for mail servers and webservers. Do you think
I've to increase it? My codafs are all of 9gb of data.
And if it so, will be sufficient stopping services, stopping venus, modifing
the conf, and restart all?

> > Anyway, a config option for optimizing is always welcome: but
> may the option
> > be changed on-the-way? ;)
> It would affect the way files are placed in venus.cache. If the option
> is changeable between restarts without reinitializing venus, we would
> have to tear down/rebuild the hierarchical layout of venus.cache. I'm
> guessing that is too much effort for a 'one-time' optimization.

Yep. It's why I asked it.

> We could modify some benchmark app that can measure the difference so
> that we can decide on the 'optimal' layout before starting the client.
> f.i. modify the postmark benchmark to compare a run in a hierarchical
> tree vs. a flat directory layout.

Not a bad idea... at least, we can shut down venus, modify the option, and
restart it with --init to be sure the all will be in the right place.
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