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R: coda + reiserfs

From: Andrea Cerrito <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 15:47:45 +0200
> Server side there is no problem at all. I haven't played with ext3 or
> xfs, and only used reiserfs to test the new kernel module, so I can't
> give a good opinion on the speed/reliability of the various journalling
> filesystems. What I heard is that ext3 is a tad slower than ext2, and
> Reiserfs is a bit faster, but that was a while ago and all depends on
> the mix of fs operations. Reiser's directories are faster to do lookups
> in or something, so most directory operations should be faster.

Well, ext3 is just a journaling extension, instead of reiserfs that is
another kind of fs.
ext3 has many advantages:

1) full compatibility
2) easy switch between ext2/ext3
3) journaling made easy

Of course, reiserfs is great, but do you need his advantages in a coda env?
I mean, dealing with speed, transimitting data over the network is always
slower then a local fs (reiser/ext3/ext2). So I think the needed feature is
just journaling for data integrity, and this can be done with the simplier

Any comments?
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