Coda File System

could not contact venus

From: <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 16:36:21 +0000 (/etc/localtime)
 Hello, Coda Hackers!

 I can run the client and the server, but when I do ls /coda, I see:

ls: /coda: Error de entrada/salida

 (translated to english: "I/O error"; I am not sure about the original
english message)

 I though that it was a problem of the autentification, and I did:

clog coda

 [coda is the admin user, its uid is 503]

 I keyed the password, and I saw:

Local login only, could not contact venus

 The server detects the autentification, and when the autentification
finish, I get on the /vice/auth2/AuthLog

16:19:53 In PWGetKeys()
16:19:53        vid = 503
16:19:53        vid = 503
16:19:53 AuthNewConn(0x2ab47567, 0, 66, 2, 503)

 by the way, with a wrong password I get:

16:19:20 Authentication failed for "coda" from
16:19:20 In PWGetKeys()
16:19:20        vid = 503
16:19:20        vid = 503

  Well, maybe is that coda did not work with remote autentification, then
I create a "irbis" user on SCM with pdbtool

pdbtool> nu irbis
pdbtool> l irbis
irbis's id is 780
pdbtool> exit

 I try:

[coda_at_server /vicepa]$ cpasswd irbis
Changing password for irbis
Your password:[coda passwd here]
New password for irbis:[irbis passwd here]
Retype new password:[irbis passwd here again]
Auth failed

 but /vice/auth2/AuthLog gave to me:

16:24:48 In PWGetKeys()
16:24:48        vid = 503
16:24:48        vid = 503
16:24:48 AuthNewConn(0x26e383a6, 0, 66, 2, 503)

 It looked that the authoritation was OK, what could be happening?



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