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newbie question2

From: tin <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 23:01:55 +0800
thank you for you answer jan

1.May i know why i have to doing this? 

You might have to edit vicetab on the SCM to also
<new_server_name> /vicepa ftree width=64,depth=3

and 'touch /vicepa/FTREEDB' on the new server to allow it to recognise
and start using the /vicepa partition.

2. Create a new server entry mean create entry in /vice/db/servers  ?
3. new VSGDB entries mean create entry in /vice/db/VSGDB ?
3. , and create new volumes for the new VSG.  How ?

Yeah, working on that part. It is kind of tricky because a lot of
replication things are hanging off the VSG's which are assumed to be
fixed for the lifetime of the servergroup.

Right now, when adding a new server to an existing setup, the best
solution is to simply create a new server entry and new VSGDB entries
for the replication groups. Then restart all servers, and create new
volumes for the new VSG. Maybe it hadn't rung a bell yet, but VSGDB
stands for VSG database, it describes all know groups of server that can
potentially hold replicated volumes, i.e. volume storage groups.

4. can you show me step by step ? (still confuse) :(

thank you very much

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