Coda File System

Not very clear

From: Wim Godden <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 16:02:23 +0200
I hate to say it, but the manual for installing a Coda Server is not
clear at all. There seem to be so many things that can go wrong and
hardly any of them are explained.

What should be added to the manual is a section with an example setup,
which explains in detail how you setup 2 systems with replicated volumes
and a few users accessing these volumes.

If I follow the steps described in the current manual, I end up with
servers that don't show they started in /vice/srv/SrvLog, clients that
can connect but get timeouts, RPC_BINDING errors (server runs but
crashes when I do createvol_rep) and there are tools all over the place
with no clear explanation of which one to use for what...
Received on 2001-07-13 10:02:29