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Re: NetBSD success (client-only installation), comments and questions

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 08:26:05 -0400
On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 09:44:13PM +0900, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> (2) hoarding generates a lot of output (about 10000 lines at a shot,
> both when building the hoard and then again repeatedly when checking
> it later) in venus.log, like
> [ H(06) : 0000 : 14:23:47 ] binding::~binding:  somebody forgot to decrement before delete
> [ H(06) : 0000 : 14:23:47 ] binding::~binding:  somebody forgot to decrement before delete

I thought I had this fixed in 5.3.14, and I'm pretty sure about it
because these don't show up in my venus.log anymore.

> (4) As mentioned before, I had to create /dev/cfs0 by hand.  I did use
> venus-setup.  NetBSD's MAKEDEV seems to take its argument pretty
> literally; I do have a (useless) /dev/cfs which is what the current
> version of venus-setup says to create.  (I guess I should remove
> that.)  Dunno about Linux/FreeBSD/whatever, you may have to special-
> case NetBSD here.

MAKEDEV cfs0 would work on my Debian Linux system. While neither of the
two work on a RH 5.2 box, I don't know about more recent RedHat
releases. FreeBSD uses devfs, so that one should be fine.

> (5) venus generates literally millions (I am not making this up, I
> counted with grep | wc) of each of the following kinds of messages
> over a 24-hour period with a reasonably large hoard (about 4000 files
> in my case):
>   - "binding::~binding:  somebody forgot to decrement before delete"

Already fixed.

>   - "SetValidCache"

I'm trying to figure out why our webserver 'gains' cachespace (or
forgets that it has cached something?). Haven't found the problem yet.

>   - "RecordReplacement(1,0)" followed by "RecordReplacement complete."

Indication that things were purged from the cache, probably isn't that
important so the debuglevel can be bumped up to 10 or so. Actually the
function doesn't do anything right now, as it was used by the
experimental "CodaConsole" tcl/tk GUI helper. #if0'd the function..

>   - "fsdb::Create: (...) failed"

Doesn't sound too good, was this one related to the fact that you tried
to hoard more than the amount of available cache in venus?

> 200 MB log files in less than 24 hours are considered a DOS attack in
> some circles, you know.  ;-)  AFAIK I did nothing special to request
> this verbosity.  I assume that "venus -d <sufficiently low>" will shut
> it off (I do want logging until things seem to be working OK), but I
> was a little taken aback by the default!

I don't think there is anything below loglevel 0 at which these were all
displayed, although it might still be possible to use venus -d -1 to
turn off all logging.

> Client in question is Coda 5.3.15 (CVS 5/26) on NetBSD 1.5.1alpha, CVS
> current 2001/3/6.  I've updated NetBSD since then but I think that was
> after my last kernel rebuild on 5/25 -- kernel could be as recent as
> 5/25 CVS though.  No server on that box.  PII 650 MHz.

Check if you actually were running a 5.3.15 client, I'm surprised by the
binding:~binding messages. The venus version should be at the top of the
venus.log file.

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