Coda File System

Re: "No such file or directory" on connected volume

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 09:53:25 +0200 (MET DST)

I have triggered the named problem by running gcc self-compile on Coda.

Debian Linux, kernel 2.4.4 (Coda module 5.3.14)

The problem occured after several files - a .c file fails to be opened
- tested on two machines, 486DX66 and Pentium-166, 200 Mb cache in both
cases. The volume was switching to disconnected by itself, but the missing
file is still "missing" (though visible in the directory list) even after
manual reconnect.

The problem frequency felt the same on both machines, so I can think that
it is "inversely proportional" to processor speed, like in half a minute
you get stuck on either of the machines, it may mean 5 vs 20 successively
compiled files.

After reinitializing cache to 100 Mb the "no such file or directory" did
not show up again, but the volume is still going disconnected on the
slower machine (486DX66). A background loop with "cfs cs" lets the
compilation continue, though.

Jan wrote earlier:

>  went through several large parts of our /coda tree, but haven't hit
>  any
>  "No such file or directory" errors.

Neither did I before I stressed Coda with the gcc self-compile.
It surely does depend on processor load (race condition?).

(My server is kind of low end, too - a Pentium-100 with 4Gb software RAID
on SCSI, but I think it perfoms adequately on 10 Mbit ethernet).

Received on 2001-07-01 03:53:48