Coda File System

fixups for the .deb files

From: <>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 19:56:41 -0500
I use the .deb files.  here is a list of things that i have fixed on my system.  I'm posting them for future deb-ers to see, and to give ideas to the next person creating the packages.  

#1.  /etc/init.d/{auth*,codasrv*} make reference to /var/lock/subsys.  Debian has a /var/lock directory, but no /var/lock/subsys directory.  Either mkdir /var/lock/subsys or edit the scripts to refer to /var/lock.  (note: i don't belive there is a /var/lock/subsys in the filesystem standard.  if there is, we should report it as a debian bug)

#2.  /etc/init.d/coda-update uses a variable $vicedir, but vicedir never gets initialized to any value :)  So solve this initialize it yourself, as vicedir=/vice.

#3.  vice-setup initializes rvm_log and rvm_data without pathnames.  add them manually as "/vice/db/rvm_log" and "/vice/db/rvm_data" as mentioned in someones eirlier mail.

#4 the "packages" list is missing.  create this by downloading everything into a directory, then use the dpkg-scanpackages command.  "dpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null > Packages"


Other notes: I hosed my access controll list... I think i did it by setting permissions for non-existant users, (like "cfs setacl AnyUser" instead of "cfs setacl System:AnyUser"). I'm not really shure how i did it, but recovering from it, seems to be dificult.  My solution was to re-install the OS and start again.

and finally, for my eirlier problem

Jan says:
>Generally this indicates that there are no volumes on the server, which
>is a good indication why the client is failing to get the rootvolume.

it took me so long to solve that pathname thing, that i forgot that i
had more steps to do.  doh! :)

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