Coda File System

RE: No more than 7440 files per dir???

From: GiantWEB <>
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2001 09:15:21 -0400
yes I agree it is experimental but it will never get off the ground with
this bug.. and according to

"Changing directory format is a big deal, because it will require
reinitialization and rebuild of existing servers. It really would define a
new epoch because old-directory servers wouldn't be able to resolve with new
servers, or talk to clients. Even backup dumps would become incompatible."

With this bug existing CODA code can NEVER be full production file system!
One can not use 256K per dir in live scenario and when U reach the threshold
it takes down your entire system..

It works nice other than that HUGE roach (bug)..

Let me know if someone has a fix for my dir size..

Good luck, I can not use this app with this type of flaw and it really
defeats the purpose of
having a central file system if you dir size can only be 170K...

Thanks for all your help getting this running.. I wish these warning would
be written as known limitation so I would not have wasted my time.. but I
learned and that is good.. :-)


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From: Brett Lymn []
Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2001 6:58 AM
Subject: Re: No more than 7440 files per dir???

According to GiantWEB:
>Is this a bug or is this a limitation?

This is a limitation with Coda.  You can only have a limited number of
files in a directory (note: not total number of files)

>How many files can coda dir hold..?

>From memory... about 7000 odd, just as you discovered.

>Is there a fix? All files will not be accessed at one time but limits like
>and with such a abrupt reaction is not good for production..

I don't believe there is a fix and, yes, it is an abrupt reaction but
that is why Code is still an experimental file system.

Brett Lymn, Computer Systems Administrator, BAE SYSTEMS
Received on 2001-06-02 09:17:57