Coda File System

No more than 7440 files per dir???

From: GiantWEB <>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 13:34:54 -0400
This is why my large copy is crashing..

I currently have 22593 files on /coda and I can copy more files it seems..
but when I exceed 7440 in this one dir the copy crashes coda clients and

I duplicated this w/o the copy by reinitializing everything and trying to
make a small text file in that dir..
It will make files in other dir, but the second it writes to drive in dir
with 7440 file, it crashes everything!

My test volume has 74185 files and need it to scale to at least 100000+

this is a html catalog of items and can grow as they add moore gif's..

Is this a bug or is this a limitation?

How many files can coda dir hold..?

Is there a fix? All files will not be accessed at one time but limits like
and with such a abrupt reaction is not good for production..

Received on 2001-06-01 13:34:17