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RE: /coda dir is blank, no data showing on Linux client

From: GiantWEB <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 08:41:48 -0400
thanks.. now I am clear.. so I have it working except I should not have
loaded data through server.. U load it on a client

I am using these servers as a test web cluster pulling from a central file
system.. How does
the clients stay connected if the token expires?

Can we force it not to expire? How can we fix this as the web servers need
100% data all the time from the CODA FS?

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"GiantWEB" <> writes:
> I  read further and figured out that I
Good move ;-)

> If I created a /vicepa/test dir with lots of data in it, do I need to
You have a misconception on how the coda bits and pieces interact.

/vicepa is a directory on the SCM under full control of the coda
server process. No one is supposed to add/delete or change anything
in there except for Jan Harkes who knows what he is doing.

If you want do normal work with files you have to
create/access files in the /coda/ tree of a machine
that has a running venus (=client process).
Notabene: the SCM can also have a venus process and be
client and server at the same time.

> I was able to login but still the /coda dir is empty..
> can now write to /coda but it is not
Well, if you can write to /coda/testfile and read it again,
than you're done. If then that newly created file
appears on a second client as /coda/testfile your
coda system is fully operational.

Problems that can arise is if the clients get disconnected
or your don't have valid clog tokens. In that case
cfs lv /coda will say disconnected.

> the volume is 2 gigs.. but my venus cache file is only 100Meg's.. is this
> problem?
Not as long as you're connected (that is, both physically
*and* logically -> valid token) You'll have a few "victim" files
that'll be thrown out of the cache and have to be refetched
from the server once you need them again.

It will be a problem if you have a laptop and need files
weighing in more than 100M over the weekend. Calling for trouble...

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