Coda File System

More permission questions

From: Kelly Corbin <>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 15:19:05 -0500
If I create a directory (in a volume that all coda users have 'rlidwka' 
access) as one coda user and chmod it to 700, how come I can access that 
directory as another coda user?  Or, how come I can delete/edit a file 
that another coda user created and chmod'ed to 700? I shouldn't have to 
'cfs sa' for every single directory should I?  And what about individual 
permissions?  Chmod doesn't seem to work at all.

It seems to me (and please correct me because I want to be wrong ;) ) 
that as long any regular system user has tokens as any coda user with 
'rlidwka' permissions to a given volume, the permissions for everything 
created in that volume is basically 777.

What am I missing about permissions here?  Does it *have* to be 'one 
volume per user' in order to maintain access integrity?



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