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From: Mourad De Clerck <>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 15:21:46 +0200
Hi - i'm trying to figure out if i should use coda for our setup at work.

Basically we've got a vpn with one of our servers on a leased line, and 
each of our people (around 5-10) on a cable or adsl connection. the 
upstream speeds are only 16KB/s and downstream is usually much better 
(500KB/s). At each home, there's a  dedicated pc acting as a 
(transparent) vpn gateway and internet router.

We'd like to use coda because we're geographically distributed and we 
need to work on the same (big) files. (Filesizes are usually between 
500kb - 20mb)

My questions now are:
* do you think cable/adsl is adequate for such an application, 
considering the overhead of coda?
* what happens if a file gets saved again on thesame machine, before the 
previous update has finished propagating? (is the file still sent two 
* should i setup a coda server at each location, or just one at the 
"main" server (+ maybe a backup) (the vpn has point-to-point links from 
each node to each node)
* since most of the people work on Mac's i need to get the files on 
their desktop somehow too... i thought doing this by sharing the /coda 
directory with netatalk. Could this be a problem?
* i've heard that coda doesn't scale so well - is this true?
* can i use coda without problems for home directories? (kind of a 
"roaming profile")
* is there a specific filesystem recommendation for use with coda? 
(ext2, reiser, xfs)
* what happens when there's not a lot (relatively - compared to the 
server) of space on the harddrive for the cache?

Thanks you,

Mourad DC
Received on 2001-05-29 09:21:20