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Re: Specifing a password with clog all in one line.

From: Dermot C Cassidy <>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 08:37:01 +0100
> >From what I can make out by the documentation in order for me to authenticate to my mounted co
> da volume is to use clog "username" then enter the password on the next line. I was hoping to d
> o a clog "username" password all in one line. This way I can store a copy of my log files in a 
> coda directory on bootup. Right now I have to boot the system up, authenticate with clog, & the
> n start that particular program so it can write it's logs into the coda directory. Anybody have
>  any ideas?
Hi Brett,

Why not use the 'expect' program?  It's purpose is to enable
you to deal with interactive programs non-interactively.  In
the words of the man page:

'Expect is a program that "talks" to other interactive programs
according to a script.'

So you can write a script that expects the password prompt from
clog and sends the password in response.  Your script would have
pairs of lines like:

	expect "username:"
	send "brett\r"
	expect "password:"
	send "mypassword\r"

The BSDs and Linux all have ports / packages. 



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