Coda File System

automatic authentication, replicated servers

From: Kelly Corbin <>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 18:21:35 -0500
I have two questions:

1.  The documentation states that clog authentication tokens expire 
after about 25 hours.  Is there any way to extend that or to 
authenticate every so often in a cron job or something?

2.  Is there a way to force a client to access a particular server for a 
replicated volume?

I'm trying to use Coda as a DFS on a number of web servers and I want 
the content to be the same on all of them.  It seems that the only way 
to insure 100% file availability is to have the client and server on 
each machine and replicate a 'web' volume across all servers.  For 
performance, it would make sense for each client to access the server on 
the same machine it's running on.  I know that each client is supposed 
to choose the 'strongest' server, but how is that decided?  How can I 
force each client to use their respective server?

This is also the reason I need automatic authentication.  The clients 
would need to remain authenticated all day, every day.  Any suggestions?

I'm sure someone has encountered these problems before, but I couldn't 
find anything in the archives.



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