Coda File System

ok lets see now...

From: Steve Wray <>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 00:38:41 +1200
I just got into coda and now that I'm using LVM
its going to make such experiments a lot eaiser.

(this is redhat 7.1, LVM (except root and swap)
XFS root et al).

I'm using XFS as the base filesystem on /vicepa
Is that ok?

Also, I'm noticing that when I try to populate the
/coda filesystem it seems really slow; even on the
machine thats actually hosting that volume.

Deleting recursively is even worse. I had about 25M
of files in /coda and ran rm -rf to get rid of them
(on the machine that is the coda server) and it threw
up a few errors about permissions... and I left it for
a while... thought it had crashed.
Killed it and checked... nope it had gotten about
half way through.

Its like network filesystem performance, only on
the server.

What might be wrong?
Received on 2001-05-15 08:42:15